Meet Liquid Fresh

We publish original IP that lives on the Blockchain.

The #1 creative studio and publishing company for blockchain games, digital collectibles and NFTs.

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About us

We take ideas and turn them into functioning products.

Our team is focused on creating and publishing the next wave of big brands and intellectual property native to web3.

The process

What we are exceptional at.

Our team will take a vision for a project and build an effective go-to-market strategy
After strategy comes a more intensive design process which involves creative exploration and prototyping.
This is where we take features and build them into the product with our talented network of web3 developers.
We use high quality brand collateral and effective online marketing strategies to get the product distributed to the market.
Our projects

What we're building.

most transferred ERC-721 token on Ethereum for 72 hrs
Colonists sold as collectible NFTs
in total sales Sept 2021
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3D generative landscape NFT collection on Ethereum
Coming soon
Collection will be dropped in Q4 2021
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Publishing IP that we're proud of

We are building brands that grow organically.

Strong identity and ongoing development is essential to growing a true community around a project. We are bringing this to the table for every project we publish.


What they say about us:

Testimonial David Miller
Rob Huxley
Head of Production @ ZED Run
"From the moment I met the founders of this project, I knew it was a matter of when, not if they would have an impact."
Testimonial Michael Taylor
Olumide Gbenro
PR & Social Media Advisor
"They know the blockchain gaming and NFT market very well. Keep an eye on their team and any projects they are behind."
Head Illustration